the story

Energy, passion, and vision

about the founder

Being an athlete myself, I used to look up to brands for inspiration and support. After years of searching, I wasn’t able to find one that truly inspired me or uplifted me, both as an athlete and as a woman, so I decided to venture out and create my own.

It wasn't easy, I must confess. From racing events to the cycling rides, but also the brands market were mostly all upheld by men. "Well, I thought, I'll make some positive room to uplift women as well", and that’s how VAM was born.

I'm proud to say that more than a brand, VAM is a lifestyle that brings together athletes of all levels and regardless of their gender, with unique and timeless cycling products. We are a brand, but we are also and most importantly, a community and a team.

Milagro - Founder of VAM


the journey

Established in 2018.

I feel blessed. Since I started, I've had the support of my friends, family, the Team VAM, and everyone who wears our clothes.

We've launched more than 7 collections with iconic products. We think of women and men equally, designing each piece of apparel with love, and purpose.

VAM wouldn’t have been possible without the people who believe in what we do.

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