why "partners in crime"?

it's all about teamwork

VAM is a team with a sense of community unlike any other. We ride together, and we thrive together, it is our lifestyle. Our cycling products are designed with purpose, thinking of all those who share our passion, and vision.

This collection is for you: The partners in crime. VAM wouldn’t have been possible without the people who believe in what we do, and the TEAM VAM who makes the ride smoother and easier.

We count on you, and you count on us.


VAM is what it is because of the people who support the brand, wearing our designs when they ride, train and compete.

Every person who wears our clothes is part of the TEAM: you are family, friends, and partners in crime.


We believe that if we want to go fast, we ride alone, but if we want to go far, we ride together.